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Are y'all still paying $20 or $25 for posting on website?
For the good of all with harm to none, $5000 is on its way to me. It belongs to me and is used how I choose. I thank the universe in advance and focus on the abundance I already have and the overflow of abundance that is on its way. I am surprised at the speed and ease at which it manifest in my life. I know the money is on its way to come within a few minutes but no longer then 3 days. So it is
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Hey I=E2=80=99m interested to post on textingok.c= om
Good morning are you still doing the offer
Helli -Sent free from TextNow.com
Would Like To Know More About The AD on Craigslist To Test Something (NY). Cashapp: $GoddessOfLuv3
My cashtag
Hey please help ne
Where can i can an emergency advance for like 75
Hey you never paid me $20
Help please
My sister EmmaLee referring me
Can I post on texting?
Texting ok
Hello info on the free $20 please
Single mother of 1 lost car this week couldn't pay $20 please
I can post all day whenever. My cash app tag $lilchris050716
No more money being cash apped for texting this n= umber? I am very much so I'm need and would be ridiculously grateful =F0=9F= =99=8F=F0=9F=8F=BB=F0=9F=99=8F=F0=9F=8F=BB
Single mom of 3 trying to stay at home working would enjoy helping y'all!!
213TEXTOK could use a blessing anything helps
$ Sexyshawntaa47
Hi is this textingok.com if u post you'll cash app me $20 ?
Cashapp. $cfusco4474
Hello I'm interested in textingok.com
I can post all day
Thank you this is great im happy to keep posting this made my dat $whitneycf24
Happy Easter . My tag I'd $stilb123
I can post all day $Wynsmomma822 is my cash app
I'm free all day. My cash tag is $LadieRedd5
no $20?
I'll make a review or whatever you need on textok could use 20$ rn $BooBoosMomma86 is my cashapp
Oh okay thank you so much. Happy Easter.. God bless
Can i post for money
Yes to text
Do you still need someone to textok.com?
If interested plz let me know
Thank u
But why would I do that if I didn't get paid
Text your cashapp to this number. They give you 20
Hello i seen ur post I'm interested in posting on textingok.com for $20
Please =F0=9F=99=8F
$K3wolf333 if this real it's a god send....
Where can I post at and can I advertise my other paying apps there? Someone told me to text this number so I'm not sure wat the website is
Hi are u still doing the $20 thing
$anne29s Is this still going on?
Hi I saw a post about posting on your website? My cash app is $shena713281
Oh man...will y'all do it again
I'm interested in posting on textingok.com
I can post all day everyday my cashapp is $VannaD2022
Okay I will be looking out for a another
Hey my name is Brandon I was seeing if you were still doing the 20$ on cashapp thing
Darn, Thanks for responding babe! What a great incentive to get people to interact with your site wishing you the best! Have a great evening
Also have a friend who wants to post his cashapp is $wilbo662
Was told your sending blessing to cashapps ? Lord knows I need it!!
hi! i am interested in posting on textingok.com ! my cashapp is $zanismylove
No worries!
It says mezmariah mitchell on it
Hi are you cashapping?
Idk what to do
Are you paying to post
Hello! Cash app is $Butterball1963
Btw $xfairyy told Me about this
My cash tag is $ready33williams
hey! are you still paying to post on the website?
I'm looking to post on texting ok
I'll give u his number
I'm looking to post on texting ok
I=E2=80=99m looking to post on textingok
My cash tag is $jazzy32vwilliams
Is this real?
Hey I'm interested in posting for textingok.com my cash app is $playadavebitch
Must not be real high I need gas for work
I'm interested in the textingok.com
I can post all day everyday my cashapp is $LopezJonathan212121
Do I just message the number ? Once twice ? Any amount of times
Hi I am interested in posting on textingok.com
My cash app is $TiarO98
Where to get the 20
I can do this all day whenever $xfairyy
$Janjan012 cashapp
Any way I can make another 20?
Hello stranger ~
I'm usually always available
What's the difference between a rooster and a prostitute?